Odd Examples Of The Human Experience

Date: 5/21/2017

By Fitful

I was doing a theatre thing with a group, probably I was one of the actors. We were rehearsing on a black stage in a black room, and the rehearsal was slow so I was often talking with this flamboyant black gay guy. He wore a belly shirt and short shorts which seemed like they belonged in the little girls section of the store. He was there with his dog, and she lay on the stage for with her legs splayed open, intimate parts showing as dogs do. He had just gotten her sex changed, she was a transgender dog. He might have been transgender too, but both seemed to have changed their body from the one sex to the same sex. He was definitely a gay man, and while he had said he was transgendered, I knew he'd never been a female or anything, but I also acknowledged his label as trans. The dog was the same, a female, and had always been female. While we were speaking the gay guy died, left his body in the midst of the conversation and still standing and died, then promptly came back. I congratulated him on his fortunate return to the same body. He slid an appreciative hand down his abdomen with a flamboyant flair and agreed it was a good body, one he had already worked on. ~~ I was working somewhere and I ended up with three working smartphones. I bought a replacement for one which seemed to be dying, then a mother a month later to replace that one. It turned out to be a phone I'd been wanting for a while. I realized I wasn't using the others and I put them in a plastic baggy to safe keeping. I was pleased to have so many backups. My messenging was spread all between the three phones, whoever apparently I had quite the online life and I spoke with a lot of people, friends, in a chat room. Some of the stuff I shared and user names got left on the phone other phones but I didn't care. I was so pleased with the new one. Work was near to over and I was alone when a friend came by. He was less a friend though, than an acquaintance, a business partner. Someone I wasn't comfortable with. He was trying to get me to come out and do a job which was a. Illegal and b. Degrading. I was refusing but without directness. He kept pushing because I was so indirect. He tricked me into his car by leaving for a minute to run in the store and leaving the brake off. It unparked itself while I was sitting in the passenger seat and backed out into traffic. I reached for the wheel or the keys but he slid back in just in time to close the door and head down the highway, as if we were ready to go do the job. I told him to take me home I at least needed a shower first, I realized I was in pajamas and I had very dirty hair which needed washed. He then upped the creep factor by asking wasn't I the one who had said I didn't shower on my period? I asked him if he'd ever been on a period, prepared to share the experience of the pain with him, the memory of it was already in my head. ~~ I was visiting a park, it was a nice beautiful park, on a bright blue sunny day. I must have just moved to that area because I didn't know it existed let alone had bunny days. There was a day each week you could go and pet bunny rabbits. I was so excited. The lady there told me about it when I notice the video about the bunnies out on a sign in the park. I began petting squirrels. The park was full of them that day, there were grey squirrels and gold squirrels. I began petting a gold one. It was aggressive, it bit my face, even tho I was tentative and gentle with it. I kept petting it and it began to get into the petting asking for more. It morphed into a bunny, also aggressive. It was worse than a cat, biting visciously unless I scratched and pet it very roughly. I did enjoy myself tho. Later, it might have been another day, I went to the park and the lady told me there was a surprise waiting. I thought she meant a bunny, and I headed to the bundle she indicated. She said they found it recently and it had been abandoned. I unwrapped the thing and it was a baby boy instead, brand new front he looks of it's size, and very dirty. It had tiny black bugs crawling on its skin. The woman said she had washed it, but she didn't seem too overly concerned with the thing. I gave it a bath and sang to it and worried about catching its bugs, which some flew into my eye and stuck to the eyeball and upper lid. For a whole I raised the boy, until he was walking round like a two year old adult, the size of a child but all sulky and brooding like adult matters weighed more than child ones, that or perhaps teenage matters. After a fit one day, I asked him if we could have a word, we stepped into another room for 5 minutes, I wanted to know why he didn't want me raising him. But we were interrupted by the arrival of my sister, she was here to see me and complain about my life style. She might have been my daughter instead, all grown up and opinionated. She disapproved of me raising the boy because of the way I lived, sleeping with a married man who also slept with other people, as did his wife as did I. Apparently I loved in poly monogamous relationship with two couples in the same house. She thought it was a poor environment for a child, a hotbed of indiscretions. She morphed onto one of the women from the couple's and i realized they were very upset I was risk the child too, they expected me to get myself a partner and make it even number of six to share a polyamorous relationship between us all. Instead I had a baby and it threw off the dynamic. ~~ I was a waitress in the 1980's. It was very clear the time period from the way I dressed and wore my hair, with this feathered bang and fluffy volume on a long plain mane, to the shape of my face. It was very long and oval which seemed to be common back then. I was very beautiful. It could have been a movie it was so well detailed a picture. I was having an argument with my four sisters, well I assumed they were my sisters at first but perhaps not, they were all very similar in coloring to me, and the same height. They were very upset I was working as a waitress, and came to convince me otherwise. They might have been upset with me about other things. I didn't listen, we were estranged and I was angry, and they left finally before I got fired. But as they were waking away I figured it out from the way my heart hurt. It wasn't a sister relationship I was mourning, it was a polyemotional one, I was loyal sexually to a man but emotionally I was poly with those four women. And we were estranged and it hurt.