I Became a Homeless Person

Date: 8/12/2017

By toxxicduck

I became homeless and was just wandering the streets because I had nothing else to do and nowhere to go. I had a big backpack on. It was daytime in the beginning and I was passing by bums and random people. I passed by my old friend from high school Nick B who was talking to himself like a crazy person. I just did what I do with anyone crazy on the streets: completely ignore them. Then it was night and my ex Corey set me up with a hotel room. I can't remember if he was actually with me or if I was on the phone, but I was going to a hotel which Corey had paid for. I entered the hotel. It was a cute little bed and breakfast ran by an Asian couple. The Asian woman was tiny and smiling very kind and hugely at me. Right in the entrance was a cat laying in the box and the owners had trained it to wave at people entering the doors. It lifted its paw and waved at me and I thought it was super cute, but the cat seemed kind of sleepy and sick. It also had an extra pair of googly eyes glued onto the side of its head for some reason. I wasn't weirded out by this.