Sebby gaga & dinosaurs

Date: 6/30/2017

By mediocrates

1st part: maybe we have travelled back in time and my parents room has a old dirt mound/fossil in it. there are 2 more people with me & we are trying to figure out how to survive or the time we are in. there is something flying outside. this dream happens twice or we are transported back in the same place again. 2nd part. I'm with my brother in my highschool field there's a huge tree and we climb on the top of it to look around. its drizzling. my brother & i have a fight of sorts till we notice a lot of people gathering near the amphitheatre. we go out to investigate but everyone starts running in the opposite direction so we flee too. 3rd part. Lady gaga is performing in our school open air theater & shes friends with me. she insists that i look up the wiring and electrical stuff before her show. i do so with a group of other people which includes Sebby. while investigating/working he discovers a secret door beneath the stage and calls me. i keep calling him Romania all the time like Romania, you are coming with me!. we go inside and get splashed by mercury... then we go outside and i start working on some wiring & Sebby is chatting with me hes saying stuff like how he rather do this with me than anyone else etc. then someone tells us that we have to get treated because of the mercury & we are both happy & unfazed because we get to do it together??