Very nsfw dream

Date: 5/15/2019

By Lycoris

This dream was so strange. It starts out with me in a bedroom thats not mine. I'm with an older guy, probably someones dad, and we start having sex. Even though I was a virgin, the man called me a freak, so I guess it felt good. He passes out and I put my clothes on and leave. I'm wearing a light dress with flowers on it and I exit this mans house. My skateboard is there outside waiting for me and i start skating to a park. I meet up with some friends who just got out of school, guess I skipped, and they tell me about some concerning things about a bestfriend of mine. They tell me that lately she's been with the wrong crowd and she's doing a lot of reckless shit like drugs. In my head I think I'm the wrong crowd, but I worry for her anyway. I keep riding through the park to get to her house. Once I get there I just walk inside. I call out to her. No answer. I go upstairs into her room and thats where I find her. She's beautiful. I don't remember what the man looked like, but I remember her. She was tall, had a slight gold tan, long amber hair with a slight wave to it, slender, and honey colored eyes. Her eyes were now dark with lack of sleep and her hair was messy. She's holding a knife to her wrists and without second thought I tackle her onto the bed holding her arms to the side with all my strength. I knock the knife out of her hands and I yell at her beneath me, tears coming out of my eyes I ask her what she's doing, why would she do this. She tries to fight me but I don't budge. Even in this tragic state I still see her beauty. She cries saying she was alone and wanted to escape the feeling, saying I haven't truly been there. I tell her I love her, not sure what form of love she heard, but I love her as a friend and beyond that. She starts laughing and fights me again. She says I've been fucked already, the shame only hitting me then. She manages to get on her knees, me hands still on her arms. I beg her to stop and I'll help her, that I love her too much to lose her. She laughs and says she loves me too, but I was dirty and smelled like a man. I had to be cleaned. Still holding her arms, she leans into me, her face going to my neck and rubbing her face there. My cheeks were burning up and I knew what she was trying to do. She licked and bit my neck and collarbone, making me squirm and loosen my grip. Her hands go to my hips and her grip is firm. She then kisses me and I feel myself melt into her hands, giving her control. She turns me around, my back against her chest and her thigh beneath my heat. I feel her breasts against me while she holds me close and kisses my neck. I start to move on her thigh and feel heat emanating through my body. I free her arms and she runs her hands all over my body until she gets to my breasts. She kneads them and squeezes them all while I'm growing wetter from her thigh. She begins to guide me as well. She pushes me faster and faster and my moans grow louder. She turns my face to kiss me hard while I cum. All the while my heart hurts because she's won. I collapse and she catches me, laying me on her bed. She kisses my forehead, I beg her to stay. She just smiles and say she'll see me around. I tell her I don't want our next meeting to be her funeral. She just smiles and leaves me in her room, the sun beginning to set outside.