a death in the family

Date: 2/11/2017

By mkelly23

in real life, my sister left to study abroad in Australia for six months. in my dream my sister had been gone for about 3 months and unexpectedly our mother gets diagnosed with caner and dies only a few weeks later. I was the main caretaker for my mom and even though in my dream it took a few a weeks before she died, it happened so fast. I watched my mom go through all the stages of cancer before death, but all at once, it was horrifying really. but after she died i was walking though my childhood home looking at pictures and whatnot on the walls and when I got to the front door I looked down and saw a large pile of shoes. growing up there was always a huge pile of shoes by the front door because there were 8 of us and we all just kicked our shoes off in the same spot. I saw all the shoes that my mom used to wear, ugly shoes she loved but I always told her how ugly they were and made fun of them. I fell to my knees and held all her ugly shoes and cried until I woke up.