Family reunion

Date: 3/21/2019

By stev54356

I remember I was with my moms side of the family in what felt like a big palace and at some point I turned into darth maul from BF2 and I could do all of the abilities and I was holding his light saber which was super cool then I switched to a playground with my step moms family and it was a playground which was stupid y’all and dangerous and the kids were climbing it like it was nothing then I switched to a run down ghetto and it was me a a little boy which felt like a brother and some dudes were trying to get us for some reason so we were running for the longest time dodging them then I was in my bed super dark like I woke up and I felt something behind me but I thought I was psyching myself out then I saw a person with a mask in my bed so I had a gun for some reason and I hit it with the back of the gun and apparently the girl there was trying to fuck which made it even weirder