Alternate rreality

Date: 3/15/2017

By TheOneMantana

So I was taking a helicopter tour in Orlando Florida on the date of 3/18/16 just a year ago from the day that I had awoken from this nightmare. So half way through this tour a tropical storm had brewed and caused us to have to turn around and forget the tour. While on our way back the helicopter had been trapped in the storm causing us to be sucked into it. I had awoken on the beach on the day of 6/18/13 which was backwards to the day I had crashed. I did not think anything of it till I had come across a strange man on the beach who had claimed to be from the European country of Taured. I had never heard of this country so I proceeded to ask him about it at this time officers had shown up and put the man under arrest for being illegal in this country. while he was being taken away he was yelling me telling me to wake up or it was going to get worst then it was. I had no idea of what he was talking about until I started watching the clocks they were moving backwards as well as the fact that my eye color had changed from Blue to a Grey brown color. I had to do something so I proceeded to start telling people if this was all a dream or if this was truly the world I was living it. everyone thought I was psycho. While searching I had found out as well that everyone I knew before the crash was dead and everyone I knew was dead was alive. I found a women by the name of Larina Garcia Gordo who had told me she was living in a parallel universe. At this time I told her how I ended up her and she told me I needed to get the Switzerland quick to destroy a piece of equipment called a Large Headron Collider. Since I knew I was living in one I had to make it there one way or another. When I finally got there I met with a doctor who told me that I have been a test experiment for many many years now and that everyone I knew was just holograms to a reality they wanted me to precieve. I couldn't belive it. everyone I loved my mother dead, my father dead, brothers and sisters dead, Kristen dead. I couldn't save them or at least he kept telling me I couldn't. he finally showed me the basement of the facility where the large Headron Collider was. I looked upon its huge electron field I could feel the pulse of molecular weight push against my fragile body. he told me I had to wake up. I stared right into the clock which read 4:25 A.M. and when I jumped into that large piece of machinery I woke up. and it was the exact same time I jumped.