"Being" with Brian

Date: 4/12/2017

By WildWoodWitch

I have dreams of Brian often, he is someone I use to work with and had a thing for and at one point I may have been in love with. The dreams tend to have the same theme where we want to be together but we just can't get it to work. In this dream I am separated from my husband, we were in Brian's home, he has 2 showers and another girl was there she was suppose to get into the shower with me but went into the other shower. He got in with her and was suppose to get in with me. They started having sex and it was very graphic I could see every moment. I became very upset and got out of my shower. He got out We did try to have sex at that point and I could feel the lust and need for it with him but it just wasn't happening and I decided to leave and was hoping he would ask me to stay but he didn't. I was heartbroken. He also had slept with some other girls. The next day I was hoping he would call or text but he didn't I ended up calling him and asking him why he was having so much trouble being with me. I told him I wanted him so desperately and that I had been in love with him from the moment he started working at our job. I found myself at a local store and was looking for a gift for him I ran into a girl friend high school that was always mean to me and she was making nasty comments when I said to her "we are out of high school and adults now cant we be friends" she got a sad look on her face and then decided to be my friend and showed my around the store. I was looking for a card for Brian and there were these long twisty hallways that were dark and they had fancy cards displayed by artists but you couldn't buy them you had to special order them. I wanted a card now and I just couldn't find one good enough in the regular card section. I ended up leaving but then going back into the store to find more items. I ended up finding a box of t-shirts in my car that were really nice and he would like and they were all his size. I wrote him a beautiful letter telling him how I felt and put it into the box. I started to drive to him and called again asking if I could stop by for a bit he was hesitate and said his house was very dirty and I told him I didn't care. We got off the phone and I was now in foot going up a steep hill that was to the point i felt like I was going to have to crawl up it. There was a woman ahead that I was going to pass and then the road turned into a tree. I was a very old tree that was very creepy and the woman said it was haunted. I started to hang off the sides trying to climb the old branches and if I fell I would fall to my death. When we reached the top the tree gave us our future. I did call Brian after that and again told him how much I loved him. I don't remember much after that. At some point in the dream I don't know when I also dreamt my miniature horse got out and was missing for days and it was the dead of winter. I had some old high school friends come by and try and help me find her but then she came home and was super skinny and covered in snow.