Date: 3/31/2017

By emmydreamer

Really???? That's weird. Well you were in Farmington and you had a car. Your car was an old red convertible chevy? Haha don't even ask me if chevy made a convertible. Anyways, you and I decided to take a drive in it. But to drive it you had to be on these roller coaster tracks! So imagine you and I on a roller coaster but we were in your car and you were driving. And then every time you hit a bump you had to hit a button or else the car would break down? It was like a video game tbh. Anyways, afterwards you told me that you were dropping out of college to work for this environmental law firm? Like something really political. And I was like what the heck dude! You want to be a cinematographer! Don't get caught up in this! But you were adamant. Haha don't tell me that this is a sign that you are becoming an environmental law major?