Ghost Hunt

Date: 1/27/2017

By kamalishot

Okay, so this dream I had about a week ago and it's the main reason I downloaded this app so I thought I'd share it. The night I had this dream, my grandmother, my mom and my grand aunt all had dreams that seemed to have ill omens in them. We all shared our dreams that next morning and our dreams were so bad that, three of our families (separated by FAR distances I mean, my mother and I live in Florida, my aunt lives in Indiana and the other family lives in Georgia) decided that we should stay inside the house that whole day. Here's my dream... The dream started off in a forest clearing. Me and about 6 of my close male relatives were all on horseback, clad in what seemed to be ancient Chinese Armor, had just reached this forest clearing and were looking around speculatively as if we were trying to come to a decision. By the way, we were followed by about 500 others who were dressed similar us and were also on horseback. The atmosphere seemed pretty triumphant, I had the feeling we were generals or fighting men, we were all armed to the teeth but we were confident and I felt powerful. Finally dropped from my horse and called to my male relatives to receive orders from me. I got down on one knee and they surrounded me in a circle, kind of how Cam Newton organized his huddle when they were undefeated. I explained to them that we were to be going on a ghost hunt. I addressed each one of my relatives by name and assigned them each a ghost or demon to go search out and kill (I named each entity they were supposed to hunt by a specific name. I don't remember the names but they were very specific like "So and so, the spirit of something mountain") and how many of our followers they were to take with them. After I was done assigning roles, I told my relatives to take their respective parties back home to prepare for the expedition. When I got back to my place, it was the house and neighborhood I currently live in, complete with cars, the neighborhood kids and all (the vegetation seemed out of control though as if we were in an almost post apocalyptic setting) while we were styled as if we were in third century China. It didn't seem out of the ordinary though. In fact, the people in the neighborhood called me "Big Brother Kamal" even though I don't know most of them and there seemed to be way more people in the neighborhood than I'm used to. In the dream though, it all felt normal. At my house particularly, there were a lot of people working industrially on who knows what but in the dream I seemed to understand and. I assume it was work in preparation for the ghost hunting expedition. There were about 50 people inside my house when I arrived, some coming out to greet me saying "any news big brother?". I told them proudly that we were going on a Ghost Hunt! When we walked inside the house, everyone turned to me and I said loudly that in preparation for the ghost hunt, we all had to make sure we looked our best and even joked with the people in the house about it. I remember one of them saying, "You know what they say! Cleanliness is next to godliness!" We all joked about it and seemed eager to go on the expedition. My first order of business was to take a shower and then shave. In the dream, I had a full beard (which I don't have now, I have a little chin hair but now I look something like Kimbo Slice. Rest In Peace). So, I cover my face in shaving cream and shaved my beard to the style I have now in real life. At least that's what I expected. When I washed and dried off my face and looked in the mirror, the left half of my face was still fully bearded while the right side was completely naked and as smooth as a baby's bottom as if I never had hair there. It was perfectly symmetrical too, as if someone drew a line down the middle of my face and shaved one half clean. For some reason, when I saw this in the mirror I was completely overcome by fear. It was as if I were staring death in the eyes. I've never been so scared in a dream and I couldn't explain why. In my rational mind, I asked myself why seeing that freaked me out so much but the more I prodded, the deeper my fear ran. I turned to all my attendants who were still around me working hard and asked them "how could this be?" I remember them responding but I don't remember what they said or even the nature of their remarks but when I turned back to the mirror, the side that was just smooth was all scratched up and oozing the reddest blood. That scared me into waking up around 9 am.