Black Out

Date: 6/6/2017

By dreams11217

I was at the hospital for a reason I didn't know. I walked outside and their was snow everywhere. My dream switches I wake up with a blanket around me. I'm under the table. It sounds really quiet outside‚Äč so I get up and look out the window. I don't see anyone so I walk outside. I'm going to cross the road. I look both ways and I don't see anything. There are no cars. I want to go into the house across from ours to see if they're okay. I decided not to because they're the mental people and they might hurt me. No, the have people who watch them but it looks dark inside. I walk back across the road to go to my neighbor's house. Her and the little girl aren't inside. I look out the window and see the sky go dark. I run back outside and look up. Where is the sun?? I run down the road until I get tired. I end up at my great grandmother's house. Her daughter is there. She tells me that I have to trust God with my problems. I sit in the corner and they begin arguing so I leave. I was heading back home. Dream ends