Reoccurring nightmare

Date: 6/21/2017

By gtgpeach

Basically, i've been having this nightmare for years and it always happens in my dads house or at my dads neighborhood. This time around, i was ducking and hiding to avoid cars passing by because if they see me they drive at me at full speed to try to get to me. in past nightmares they see me and drive at me at full speed and i go into my dads house and try to lock the front door so they can't get in, but then in my nightmare i'm too weak to lock the door. this time around they didn't see me but someone robbed my grandmas car and broke into my dads house whilst i was in the neighbors house across the street. The same elements are involved, hiding for cover from other drivers / cars so they don't come after me & someone breaking in or trying to break into my dads house. Pretty weird i know