Big Boy

Date: 8/6/2017

By mspace

First, I was in Maine, but I wasn't me. My uncle was driving us around in this boat? I remember wicker and the sand. One of the boys from across the street was holding my mice and he let one escape, so I asked my mom to get new ones as companions for Luke, and when I came back there were so many, all of them either orange or white. And then I got onto an airplane. I was an adopted boy, and the family who adopted me called me Big Boy, even though I didn't really like it much. I had a real name but I can't remember it right now. I got onto the airplane with not a lot, and I made my way back to my home. I knocked on the door and couldn't get in? Or something. And then the monsters came. I was sitting on the back porch hoping that my family wouldn't die, my mother and my sister, and I peered in through the grated window and saw that they were colluding together, and I ran out of there as fast as I could. I picked up a friend running down the street and he told me to run through back yards so we did. I could hear the monsters, my mother and sister and all their friends right behind us, and their footsteps shook the earth. We ran until we hit a drainage pipe and hid inside. And somehow I found myself as a furry living in New York? That was the only community that they wouldn't think to find me in, and i loved it, though my friend left me. I had to arrange a Walmart pool lifeguard out of characters from a book? But we weren't supposed to be doing that, we were supposed to be catching chickens and returning to our furry roots. But the monsters had burned up all the land looking for me.