Childhood home, dangerous climbing

Date: 3/1/2017

By skno315

Part 1. I was in my childhood home, there was a party going on. My parents weren't there. I didn't really recognize anyone except for my boyfriend's friends. My boyfriend wasn't there, but my ex was. I tried to talk to him and tell him I'm sorry things ended so badly. Next, a tall Asian boy who was an artist summoned me to come sit one on one and talk to him. He was very quiet; I'm pretty sure he only said a few sentences if he spoke at all. He wanted to make something for me. I understood and said yes. After a while I go upstairs and see my old bedroom. It had gone to hell like how it did when I moved out. I see the artist boy hanging up beautiful lights and artworks all around my bedroom, despite it being totally gross and full of junk that I didn't tend to after moving out. I wanted to apologize to him but I don't think he cared. I thanked him. I called him a ninja and could tell he was offended and I felt bad. Next, the boy and the artwork seems to be gone, or I just don't notice the artwork anymore. My mom and dad are in the room with me. My mom is laying in my bed, watching TV. My dad is standing and talking. I am trying to clean up all of the junk I left there. I felt bad that I left it there and didn't clean it up for my parents and the boy who decorated my room for me. I clean everything with great ease, though and it comes together nicely. Part 2. This part seems to logically follow the former part. My boyfriend and I are being driven by his friend Dave to someone's house. She's a girl, who maybe I know from reality but I'm not sure. I believe I've had this part of the dream at least once before: we have to climb these makeshift wooden fence type structures to get into her bedroom. It's like in Mario when you climb those fence type things in Bowser's castle, just not as tall and made very poorly out of sticks and twigs. I am 130 pounds and it seemed to barely hold my weight, but I am not really afraid. Next, a group of school kids rush in while we are climbing the fence. They want to climb too. I think it's too dangerous so I take them a different way. They want to go somewhere, down a path. There is a dog who seems very worried for and protective of the kids. The dog does not trust me with them and can tell I am maybe not up for the task, so the dog stays with us to help me. I feel better having the dog there. It was already dusk, and as we went down the path it became nearly pitch black. I couldn't see anything and held my hands in front of me. I have no idea where the kids got to. I try to make my way back, the dog runs back passed me, and then I wake up.