Blind Faith/Outer Space

Date: 2/1/2017

By MysticalDreamer222

I had a dream that I was on mars. Matt was there, Raphael was there, and so was Christine and her cat. I remember freaking out because I knew we couldn't survive on mars and I didn't understand why I was there. I turned to Christine and asked her why I was there. She told me that God had sent me here to show me what a message from Him looks like, so I can know the difference. I remember seeing the earth and moon off in the distance. I remember being afraid of running out of oxygen or not returning home. Matt and Christine were sleeping and I was still awake. I recall looking up in the sky and seeing mars' moon. When I looked at it, I heard someone say, "third eye." At some point in the dream I asked Christine how long we would be here. I remember her looking at me and suddenly a "door" appeared that lead to outer space. I remember being afraid because we cannot survive without a spacesuit. This didn't faze her at all. She suddenly stepped out of mars, looked at me with a smile, and started walking back to earth. It suddenly dawned on me that she was having absolute faith in God taking care of her, like Jesus did when he walked on water. I realized that I would have to do the same if I wanted to return to earth, but I could sense the fear. Suddenly the dream changed and I was on earth again. Only I knew that I would have to return to mars to test my faith. Matt needed to attach a wire to pole (for whatever reason) and I remember thinking about the blind faith. I then put all my faith in God and starting walking up invisible stairs. I was able to attach the wire. It was then that I knew I could walk home from mars. After I climbed down, I had a sense of fear about doing this alone. I asked Matt to come with me and he said, "of course I'll go with you!" Suddenly we were on mars again. The door to walk home was open. I remember putting full trust in God and stepping out onto a wooden path that reminded me of a dock. Matt and I walked together until we reached earth. Once we arrived, God said to just jump in and that we'd be where we need to be. After that, I woke up.