Slootstreamers and Zombie Apocalypse

Date: 3/24/2017

By superking244

Amy was in my dream. except she was really buff and it was being she didnt know how to function ? she was also a streamer and kind of a slut. that wasnt cool to see. like she would wear nothing but underwear and stream stuff and I got mad at her for it. she said it was for the views. at some point it switched to a zombie apocalypse. i wasnt saving her the entire time. i think it the firsy couple waves she got separated from out group of me, Mr. Marks my teacher??? and her. there was also a bench filled with people and she was there too but I pretended I didnt see her because I hated her for being a slootstreamer. I killed a bunch of zombies. i wasnt paying attention to my gun though