Quest through life

Date: 9/22/2017

By edjwardo

I had to select a character and go through a traumatic life. I choose a girl called rei and the childhood was not bad I played football and played with toys but then my grandpa died and I turned to my adolescent years where I went on adventures throughout the city one was where I had to run through a path away from monster alien where my parents died to them. during this I found a yak and he protected me and took me to the village and I fought a couple of alien things seeking revenge for my parents. I met Oliver at a hotel outside the village. Oliver wanted a party with all his friends so I organised that. It was a couple of hours before the party and I played for pirie for the first time since childhood I was lb. the party came and I was checking the list and helping people find their alcohol. Then everything got out of hand and a storm came so most left. And Oliver said “I only want a few friends. I can’t afford this many.” I agree then once the storm cleared we went on top of a hill with many people to play football but then a huge storm came and turned the sunset to blackness and lightning nearly strikes Oliver’s friend. We all have to jump the mountain It felt like a nuke went off and I knew my adulthood would be full of trauma. I had a parachute but don’t realise until I near the ground then I equip it and fly down but I go down to fast and die. I then choose where to restart and I meant to choose the parachute but chose where my parents died and had to find the yak again.