Date: 6/24/2019

By iamMartinez!

Some friends I know in real life and some I don’t know were in a big but not fancy house in a hill. We were in the patio looking at the distance at a Hotel and I noticed it seemed familiar and I asked one of my friends if he remembers having worked at an event in that hotel. I mentioned it cost about 2000 a night to stay there it was a beautiful yellow color and it had three or four different buildings to it. I dream about this hotel often from different angles inside or out. this time we were seeing it from the rear side. Down below there was a huge green playing field and there were some young kids, college boys playing soccer. I mentioned to my brother-in-law that here in Spain kids play soccer at a very young age. And all of a sudden one of the soccer balls rolls toward us. It was an old worn ball and he kicks it back to one of the kids. The kid kicks it back to him and they start playing together. I was surprised to see him so jubilant. Not typical of him at all. All the sudden it comes to me. Here we are in beautiful Barcelona and were stuck inside. Let’s go for a walk I say to my wife. So we go out the back and down some rag tag shaky old emergency style stairs. We walk briefly and I noticed a bright blue wall with what seemed like paintings of whales or sails on it. At the distance a football field and a great sunset lit city skyline. Bored as usual my wife presses to go back so we do. Making our way up that old ladder a got nervous of its instability and began to hesitate. My wife made all the way up but I was hesitant to take the next steps. Behind us were two young ladies also going up the stairs and waiting for me to get out of the way. Finally I reached to the door and climbed in through. The end.