oscar wilde, zorro and my anxiety walk into a bar...

Date: 2/10/2019

By underworldsqueen

[there was a long part before this but I can't remember it]. I was oscar wilde and I was in my car [not my actual one] in a street above a graveyard where I wanted to throw a giant plushy keychain but I was trying to figure out how to roll it up to get it out of the car window. meanwhile in the graveyard there was zorro, without his mask, tied up to a pole in an attempt to ambush someone. I became myself again and threw the rolled up keychain and realized that I was in the middle of the street and people were staring and screaming at me so I started driving but I was distracted and my hair kept getting in my face. the street became a rollercoaster and I knew I was going to fall and I did. I kept falling and risking to get crushed, when I finally landed on the ground after the fall I was outside of my car and it got completely crushed. everything around me was falling and as I tried to crawl out I knew I was going to die, but I didn't. I crawled out and was met by two girls, one was my sister [not my real one] and so she hugged me and was glad I was alive, but I was getting more and more depressed because I had wreaked the car and my mother couldn't afford a new one.