Friend with Weird Powers

Date: 3/20/2017

By TwentieToo

i was at a party at my friend, Jewel's house, her house was very big and nice and up on a big hill on a tropical island, and she started this fire in her room. Except it was with her mind or something, it had something to do with her soul. It was controlled and in a small circle. (I had a conversation with a person on Tumblr yesterday and one of the things that was mentioned was fire in a soul, like passion or devotion, i think this is where this fire thing came from.) Anyways i was very sleep deprived and i fell asleep and she got ready to go somewhere with her boyfriend Cal. And she started setting up these specific locations on the hill where her house was at, at specific times. When i woke up i knew the house was gonna explode and i tried to look for her but she was already gone. The house exploded but nothing was damaged, everything was as it was before. Police came, but not in the usual way. This happened a lot to her and for some reason she didn't like to be there when or after the house explodes. Her house on the hill had a very long driveway with large gates and security. And the police knew exactly how to handle it, they stayed calm through the whole thing. I was in the car with the police and Cal. Cal was to the right of me in the very back seat. And a policeman was in the backseat in front of us. It was kind of like a limo or SUV. We were driving down the hill and her locations were being lit up by police lights slowly one at a time. The policeman sitting next to me was figuring out the locations and times and saying the times out loud right when a location was lit up by the police lights. He was quiet but only because he was concentrating. He was blonde and very handsome. Like Captain America except leaner and had softer features. And he was serious and concentrating kind of how like superheroes are in movies. He had that very specific vibe about him. I then asked him, why she sets up these specific locations and times. He didn't answer either because he was concentrating and didn't hear me, or didn't want to answer for whatever reason. My dream shifted and there was this girl sitting by me and Cal moved up next to the policeman. Her clothes were thin and all torn up and you could see through them easily. This was another thing that really stood out to me in the dream, was this girl and her clothes. I never saw her face, but she did have blond hair. And I could tell she was trying to answer my question, but struggling to find the words. But right as she started to say something, she was interrupted by Cal. I don't remember what Cal said but it had to do with what the police were doing. The dream shifted again, and all i remember is this voice saying, "do you want to find ur fond memories? We're going to find fond memories", over and over again, in like a slightly panicked but still deep and passionate way. The dream shifted again and this time we were in a smaller car and Jewel was sitting to the left of me. We were pulling up to two houses. They were across from each other on the corner of the street, one was facing east, and the other faced south. They both had fires inside them, except they were controlled and small. The east facing house had a smaller fire than the south facing house, which was Jewel's house. She started to say, "that is my neighbor, she has a fire like me but a lot smaller. Hers has an engagement ring in her fire-" and right when she was about to say which object was in the middle of her fire she was cut off by someone, like a policeman outside or something. I guess the engagement ring was special to Jewel's neighbor, something related to her neighbor's past. I remember i got a blurry and faint vision of how her neighbor looked like and she was blond, and occurred to me that this neighbor might have been the girl who appeared sitting next to me in the car for a few seconds. Then the dream shifted once more and I was inside the house with Jewel. We were sitting around her fire in the living room. She was putting her hands up, warming her palms and talking to it. Kind of like a spell. But then the house exploded, except this time it shattered everything. The explosions never destroyed anything. And all i remember is her face right when it exploded and her hair flying around her face and she had a very shocked expression. And then the dream ended. Perfect timing, lol. Friends- aspects of personality have been rejected but you are ready to incorporate and acknowledge them. You need to better relate to people around you. If you know the identity, you need to look at relationship to improve it. Female friend- suggests your reciprocal feelings, but also in love. Upset friend- is a herald of illness and suffering. House- represents your own soul and self, specific rooms indicate a specific aspect of your psyche. An impressive/attractive house means that you are conscious of spiritual development, happy times are ahead. Island- ease, relocation, comfort. The dream is telling you that you need a vacation and to escape stress and it is time for solitude Fire- destruction, passion, desire, illumination, purification, transformation, enlightenment, anger. If fire is controlled/contained, it is a metaphor of your own internal fire and transformation. A house on fire means you need to undergo transformation. Starting fire with hands represents you are trying to repress anger, you have difficulty expressing yourself, and tend to overreact. Explosion- repressed anger, the rage that you have been holding in has come to the surface in a forceful/violent manner. Your subconscious is trying to get your attention. Police- structure, rules, power, authority, control. You may need to put an end to reckless behavior. Police car- help is on the way. You are experiencing inner turmoil and need intervention. Driving- at night suggests you are unsure of where you are headed in life. You're experiencing obstacles. You might not want to see what is ahead of you/you're afraid to confront certain issues. Apprehensive about future. A person from entourage will have inappropriate behavior. Need to learn from someone else, you are not appreciated for your value. Not able to drive your own life. Passive to problems. Curvy road- having difficulties achieving goals/accepting change. Someone else is driving- dependance, not in control of life. Following goal of other, but not your own. Backseat- you are putting yourself down and allowing others to take over. Car- thinking about control or wanting to take control Spirits- fears of death. They are trying to guide you Clothing- torn/ripped signifies flaws in your thinking process, your logic may not make sense. You need to alter your reasoning or make a stronger argument. Searching to communicate/understand true inner self. Voices- a message from your subconscious/spiritual realm. You need to "voice" your opinions more loudly. Ring- path in life will be positive. Represents current relationships with people. There is a commitment that is required by somebody close to you.