Bus to Hell

Date: 5/14/2019

By lilynicole

woke up on bus. big bus. stuffed animals in my mouth? raina is sitting next to me, then gracie. in the next row, matthew ahead of me, then ben ahead of raina, and gracies boyfriend ahead of her. everyone is sharing memes. i tell raina this is not a real bus. this is a dream. she says ‘nah this is a real bus bet’ but it’s scary because she isn’t trying that hard to convince me. as i walk of the bus it gets dark and scary and red, before it was white and green and pink and bright. now i am afraid to look at the driver. i never do. as i walk off i said ‘bye satan!’ loud n cheery n the driver yells back ‘bye lily!’ so spooky, so cheery. when i get off the bus everyone is ahead of me but they aren’t moving from the bus door so we are all kind of huddled and chloe is there now and i can’t see any faces because it’s super dark. nope nope nope. force myself to wake up at that exact moment (which i have never been able to do before)