Music Gives People Food Poisoning?

Date: 2/8/2017

By TheName'sCharmander

So I am leaving the locker room at my school and for some reason it is nighttime. I usually wear headphones and listen to Childish Gambino as I leave the locker room in real life at school so that's what I was doing (although there was no music playing through my headphones cause dream tech doesn't work for crap as you fellow lucid dreamers know!) The more I "listened" the more I got sick, and so I went back to the locker room bathroom to get a tissue for my faucet dripping nose. Turns out there were more girls inside the bathroom (most of them on my Academic Decathlon team) who had similar food poisoning and flu like symptoms, all from listening to various rap music (Mostly Macklemore and Eminem) The teacher notices a lot of us are sick and demands to know what happened. We all reply in unison: "OUR RAP GODS GAVE US FOOD POISONING!"