Incredible Spiritual Experience (Help)

Date: 2/15/2017

By Griq

So this isn't necessarily a dream, though I have no Idea what it was. I was about to fall asleep but was still in a daydream state, just seeing pitch black like I had closed my eyes. I started hearing these random voices that repeated 3 words over and over. It was in another language but for some reason I could still make out what it was. This was the sequence: "Buddhism" x3, then (4 numbers, don't remember what they were for some reason) and the last word was "Shikama" x3. It repeated the same words over and over. Always in the same sequence with saying each word 3 times. It lasted around 2min before I realized how weird it was, started getting paranoid and opened my eyes and the voices were gone. I googled the word Shikama, not sure if this is the correct meaning though google search is very limited with this exact word. I found out its somehow related to Hindi, which is some sort of language (perhaps even a forbidden language, thus the lack of search results) I am not Buddhist and the closest I get to meditation is breathing techniques. I never knew this word existed until now which is pretty frightening. If anyone has any knowledge on what this could mean, please help me out asap.