The movie: The setup

Date: 4/2/2017

By lazylucid

In the beginning of this dream I'm with my girl in my mothers car. We pull over and make a u-turn at a gas station but then a cop pulls around and checks my license plates. He says that they are unreadable and that they aren't coming up in the system. He has some small phone like thing in his hand and he goes to check the front license plates then the rear. I start thinking "out of all the cars it has to be me." In my waking life my actual license is expired and I still drive my mothers car sometimes, my mothers car has one front license plate where three letters are unresdable, so the dream was pretty real. Back to the dream. The cop comes back to the drivers side window and says something like, "you're good to go" but it was unclear and barely audible. I stood up on the lip of the door and yelled to him as he was walking to the gas station convenience store, "So we can go?!" He doesn't answer. I turn to my girl, who's nervous now, and she asks what happens now. I shrug and get ready to drive away. Just then the cop comes back to my car and opens the right rear passenger door and puts a little blond haired girl in the seat. My gut tells me that she's his daughter. He fastens her in and runs away saying to keep her safe. Against my instincts I promise that I will. The dream skips ahead a little and I'm on two cross streets that I know fairly well. I pull over for some reason, I think I see some people from work (whom in waking life would not be in my neighborhood). My friend Andy then says to me, "dude run, there's a paddy wagon full of cops coming and they have the most summons I've ever seen." I run back to the car and as I'm turning the car key it starts to bend and break inside of the ignition! This is a clue that should've signaled to me that I was dreaming but I was too scared of going to (dream) prison. When the ignition wouldn't start I somehow managed to duck down as the van full of cops almost blocked me from escaping. They pulled out summons and paper copied ids. I made a dash and ran around the corner to a hair salon store and hid behind the counter. My hair was pinned up so I let it down. I took off my jacket and put on a black shirt. I sat for a little and waited. Some kid asked me what I was doing and after looking around and seeing how awkward I looked I replied, "hiding". I wake up.