Lock all doors

Date: 8/28/2017

By countingwaves

I was looking after an old relative who had an old bungalow outside of town, her neighbour was really weird and slimy looking, the relative was ill and we knew she wouldn't last much longer but her neighbour knew this too and wanted her body to perform science tests on. I had to try and stop him from entering but no one else would help as they didn't believe me. I realised that the old sliding patio door had a dodgy lock on it and knowing he knew this he managed to get into the house...he was halfway through dragging the now dead relative out of the house chuckling to himself. I ran round the back and stabbed him though the chest with a garden fork! But he wouldn't die! Fortunately people believed me now and we all "chipped" in to eventually kill him and chop off his head.........WHAT THE FUCK! Ha