Mordor Stores

Date: 8/12/2017

By abanana

I was late for my brand new job at a small food shop - I think it was Mordor Stores but definitely something LOTR related. I'd stopped at Tesco to buy some food - there was a lot of confused crisp buying, I bought pringles in the end. there was a dog at the self checkout sniffing peoples bag to see if they were stealing anything. I had half a lemon in my bag and had to explain that I had already bought that... Upon leaving Tesco I realised I was really late and I was now running to the shop and I didn't know exactly where it was. when I got there everyone was sitting in a room, not the shop and they didn't mind me being late. the manager guy then started pointing out plans or something on a board (like a military briefing in a movie). It was LOTR related and turns out the shop was a front for some kind of secret LOTR mission (good side I think) and LOTR was real and happening right now. that's as much as I got