On The Lamb

Date: 8/4/2017

By drunchee

Me and the Alex Party Gang (Me Foos Bros, Brody Marcos Alex) are at my Grandmas house. Except my Grandma looks like my old babysitter Vicky but blonde and more strict. We leave her house and driveway to go up this hill that is sorrounded by trees. So it's like a forest clearing. In the clearing is a train on rails, stationary, next to an old abandoned shed. We mess around by the train, throw rocks, stuff like that. Then, somehow, Clem flips the entire train after we try lifting it up. We find out that it's surprisingly light, and we try to use it to crush something (I forget what) but we accidentally flip it again. This time, somehow, the neighbors below on the other side of the hill yell to Brody that the cops are coming. So we all run like the wind down the hill and to my Grandmas house. My Grandma Vick yells at us for being dumb and flipping trains, and then tells us to hide from the coppers. The other boys go inside her house to hide, but I instead go through this grey tunnel on the side of a stone part of her house that leads to none other than Cedar Point. Right before I leave I see the police van coming in the driveway. Cedar Point is hustling and bustling and I decide to go to a food stand and purchase a snack. That's the last thing I remember.