Date: 7/13/2017

By 17coakleyl

I was talking to cole or someone and he let it slip that Toby had a video of me dressing after prom. I was naked and it had 40 views and I was really embarrassed and mad at him. At first I was excised tho. We were at an after party. He tried to play it cool. Then I was with my family and it turns out Bea said that she got us tickets to Hawaii for two weeks and I was so excited. I wouldn't mind missing two weeks of stuff and work. It was gonna be very fun. Then I was at college and I was in a sorority with Clair , Kate, and some others at Colby and it was stressful trying to be cool and people were commenting on clothes and I couldn't find my sweatshirt and I couldn't find a place to shower. I did meet some friends tho when walking around two were really attractive. Then we were at orientation and I had ice cream and a kid fell from a place high in the air and it was really scary