Bunking the Altered School

Date: 2/21/2017

By SwaggyBoy9

I was with Liam Ross and a couple of others I don't remember. We were at boys high but it was an altered version of it. It was the beginning of school or something and it was Wednesday. It was 5th period and I had picked cooking. Liam and a few other of his friends also picked that, it was the first time I had that so we all were going there, or at least I thought we were. We went up somewhere, we were bunking from class, I had never done that and it didn't really feel like bunking. I was looking down from somewhere up and then I started doing this cringy eye squint lip bite thing, it's to make fun of those try hard 12 year old's (Jacob Sartorious, etc). I soon realised, there was a teacher there and suddenly I stopped and my jaw was hanging open. She smiled at me and started laughing, none of my friends saw it, man I hope they didn't. I went towards her to whisper something in her ear and she smiled and moved closer. "That didn't happen, let's not talk about this" and she bursted out laughing. She said she would tell everyone and asked her not to, but she did anyway and it was kind of hilarious in all honesty. I didn't mind, she didn't mean any harm and was just playing around. I also remember that I was in mufti (mufti is casual clothing and no school uniform). Then I remember I was a similar place but it was indoors, and I saw Mrs Twigley sitting in a chair. We were talking about stuff, I can't remember what, I was first standing quite a bit away from her, then I sat down next to her. She's really nice, like in general. Then another teacher came in from behind her and told me "shouldn't you be in class?" And Mrs Twigley quickly defended me "We were having a... Business meeting" as she looked at me and smiled. "Oh really?" Said the other teacher, and then Mrs Twigley quietly confessed "no...". It was time to go, I left after saying bye and then I was going up the Alexander hall stairs with Liam, but they were altered, different. Everyone had their shirt off and shorts on, I didn't have mine on either and but I wanted to put it back on. I remembered I left it where Mrs. Twigley was, I think Liam came in earlier there and told us we were going swimming or something, therefore me leaving it in there, but I wanted to wear it again. I asked where Mrs. Twigley was or that room was, I didn't seem to get an answer, it was indirect or I just didn't get a response. We saw this man with a really weird looking back and it kind of bent down in a way, then he turned around and got suspicious of us. I saw Flynn mansvelts coming our way through the big hall, man the hall looked awesome, I wish it could look like it did in real life. I remember Flynn flexing his arms.. Then I Woke Up.