Golf sniping game

Date: 6/18/2017

By Big_Dreamer

So I'm at a hotel (I keep dreaming of hotels!) carefully sneaking around because someone wants to shoot me. I carefully go up stairs and scout around, until I eventually go into a room with someone in it. They say something to me, and I teleport to an area with a large tree in the middle of it. Now I have a gun, an automatic, more specifically, and the person I'm hiding from is at the top of the tree. I spend the next moment hiding behind obstacles that are littered across the ground, peeking out of them and shooting the guy. I can't remember if I actually shot him, but who cares. After a few minutes, he teleports down with me and we try to shoot our guns so that a slightly heavier and rounder bullet falls into a hole that was drilled out of the tree. The hole is large, and the person I'm with gets it in first try. I take a deep breath and shoot. It glides in the air for a bit, then it lands in the hole too. I yell out "YES! I DID IT!" as a menu screen comes up. I got 5 strokes apparently, while the guy I was with had 3. I don't even know why any of this happened but I like dreams