Weird run away dream

Date: 7/27/2019

By NerdNetwork

Not fully remembered but basically I hade this party at a hotel. Weirdly i seemed to keep coming back to our own private lobby room. People showed up but I always seem to feel missing or off. Alone and hunted. Suddenly it was darker and some kid separates in to black ashes and they try to attack people. I run but I just vanish. I reappear at a run down white house. Stepping around and through rubble I see the blond kid mopeing. It's a weird silent creepy mope but I felt bad so I asked what's wrong. I don't fully rember what came after, but I know he had the conversation then went insane in his dark goo dust side and separated into ash again. He dissapeared this time. The rest involves me running from a somewho horrifying cartoon lizard version of him that was a crazy murder who just escaped prison. Yeah I lost him by somehow appearing in a bunch of those tunnels in the chucke cheese kids playground (but they were 10x bigger and longer.) After that all I remeber is not wanting to go back to sleep again cuz it was so horrifying to me.