Date: 3/2/2017

By krystal_727

so I don't think I was the character that it seemed like I was, I think I was just watching. but there were three kinds the youngest was the brother, and then two older sisters. the dream takes place in this really run down house and the middle sister has like a broken messed up ear or something and every time the uncle comes over he breaks it more and I got the feeling that he sexually abused the kids also. so when he came the middle sister hid, but eventually he found her and then the older sister came in with a gun and said that if he did anything she would shoot the brother and blame him or whatever and she did. then she shot the middle sister and tied up the uncle at gunpoint and set the house on fire. after she untied him and so basically she said she called the police so if he left the house he would get caught and most likely be in prison for the rest of his life or he could stay and burn to death in the house and then she shot herself with the last bullet so like he couldn't just shoot himself. and then I woke up so idk what happened to him. at first I thought the middle sister was me but I didn't wake up when she died or anything so I don't think it was, maybe I was the older sister since that's when I woke up, I'm not really sure if I actually was a character or not.