dad from juno

Date: 6/7/2017

By lochnessie93

I just weirdly woke up from a dream where i was a server again and the das from juno was my last table. he and his family of four were in. they had two kids a boy and a girl. everything seemed to go wrong. the kitchen was backed up. i couldn't reach the soda machine to refill drinks. i had to literally climb a rack to get to it. then glasses kept breaking when id touch them. the mom and dad got into an argument while i was at the table. when they wanted to go cups we ran out of lids. i was getting the to go cups when my friend came in and said they left. i usually don't look at credit card receipts for the tip until im completely done with the table. that way im not upset if i didnt make anything. i just keep trying my best to give great service. on it he had written a note which always makes me nervous. but it was really sweet and i was really sad i couldn't get their drinks in time. but while i w as clearing the table the mom came back and got them. so there was a happy ending to the dream. i woke up at about 4 in the morning really thirsty for some reason 😂