Train station

Date: 5/6/2017

By Asia

I was is a train station and I realized I forgot something. I don't know what I forgot. I can't remember if I did find what I was looking for or not. But it seemed like I did. Because I didn't see myself walk down the flight of stairs just at the end of it. When I was coming up the stairs, a group of people men and women rushed down the stairs and onto the train the was about to leave as soon as it came. I believe I saw someone a man get caught in between the doors but pried them open and went into the train. I also remember that a women was the last one to get on the train. The women reminded me of my English teacher in high school just minus the hair. These people looked mature and seemed to be rushing to get to work in time. When I was walking up the stairs i believe I was pushed out of the way or just magically ended up there onto the escalator. I can't remember if I was going up a down escalator or if I was going the right way. I believe it was when I was struggling to quickly get off of the escalator was when I woke up.