Date: 6/23/2017

By MarkieSparkie

Has anyone read the book Unwind? I know----Sounds scary, I know. Though it's not exactly a horror novel, more of a thriller. Basically the plot is that the world is over populated, and children 13 and over (if chosen by the parent) can be 'unwound'. Being unwound basically means that your organs are harvested, all 100% of your body is used to be donated to a person in need of them. However, your soul would still be living somehow. So let's say you were unwound, and part of your arm was donated. Let's say you could do magic tricks, or knew how to finger tutt pretty good. Now let imagine that someone got your arm, they would be able to possess the tricks you could in your previous life. So technically, you are still /living/. There is no heaven, there is no hell. Just darkness. I had a dream based around this idea, except the parents do not get to chose whether you are unwound or not. The government would based on your skills and whether we have enough people like you in the world, and whether you would be a useful person that may or may not part take in the (what they wished to be) successful future. Usually your parents would unwound you because you were a trouble maker, or maybe it was based on religion (in that case you are not an unwound, you are a tithe). Whatever the cause may be, your parents could sign a paper and Juvenal Authorities would come pick you up and take you to a 'harvest camp'. There at the camp, they'd try to keep you as comfortable as you could before you were taken to this building called the Chop Shop, where you were greeted by surgeons that would take your body piece by piece apart. And so, my dream, or nightmare you might call it----Started off with me at high school. Just a little background on me, my name is Mark. I am 17 years old, I am part of the Journalism Club (if you haven't noticed), a little goofy and obnoxious, but overall a friendly and out-going guy. I know a lot of people, being in journalism, I've had to interview a lot of kids for the school newspaper. Not all that nerd, in fact, I play soccer. I'm not all math smart, just word smart. I think it would be safe to say, trying my best not to sound narcissistic, I'm pretty popular. I remember walking down the halls, tablet in hand as I emailed my teacher my written interview of the track team. No one was really in the hallways, and I had just been called to the office to speak with my guidance counselor. I didn't think much of it, I had a good relationship with my guidance counselor, Mr. Richman (or RK as I call him). He would call me down sometimes during my study hall to praise me for my work, or have a little chat with me for my 'unnecessary behavior'. When I walked into his office this time, I noticed two policemen standing outside. Both stood tall and intimidating on each side of the door, and I ducked in with a pit of stress already boiling in my chest. I have a fear, you could say, of officers. Or mostly anyone that holds a gun. I haven't had bad experiences before, it's just a weird phobia I have I guess. Immediately I notice his face was troubled, a frown dragging down his features. He stalled me on with how I've changed throughout high school, and how greatly I've matured from a freshman to a senior. How successful I've been in my school work and in my hobbies. However, when he started rambling on and on, one of the officers told him to hurry up. So then and there, he announced I was chosen to be unwound by the government. I didn't not excel, exceed in my classwork and exams. I stayed at the same level, as many colleagues of mine did as well. Devastated by the news, I almost broke into tears. I stumbled back a few steps, lungs tight. I couldn't breath in that moment. Just so explain how heavy those those four word,"You are being unwound" are, imagine if you just went out with your family and friends. You had the time of your life, and to be honest it was the best in a while. Now imagine someone showing up in the middle of it all, tell you that you did not meet satisfactory needs in the up and coming future. There was a physical, maybe personal flaw that did not make the cut. Because of this, you must die. Alone. I wanted to asked why, I wanted to know what I had done to deserve this, but I knew he didn't know. None of teachers here could tell you why you had to go, the government never told them. They just gave them a list of name, and people to collect them all. I knew I wasn't his first, and I certainly wouldn't be the last he had to break the news to. I went for the door, but one of the officers grabbed my shoulders roughly and grasped it firmly. With that I was escorted out of the room, out of the building in fact to a bus. You could describe this bug similar to a prison bus. Kids were in cuff, there were metal gates beside each seat, and the windows were bullet proof. I distinctly remember my friend Jesse gasping as she saw me lead in, her eyes spilling with salty sobs."They got Mark!" She screamed over the panicked voices, which seem to direct a lot of attention to me. I knew most of the kids on this bus, all in my grade, and from their faces they probably remembered me as well. It was mostly full, so I was probably one of the last to get on. I was seat in the first front seat, locked in the seat next to an officer. I closed my eyes tightly, trying not to slip into an anxiety attack. Everything became fuzzy for a moment as I thought about being unwound, as I thought about the man next to me with a gun packed in his pocket, as I thought of my incomplete 17 years on this earth. I wanted to become a writer, I wanted to live in an apartment studio, I wanted to love on my sweet and loving boyfriend. When I opened my eyes I was in a room, my new temporary room. I sat on a blue bed, walls painted a baby blue background with clouds. There was a dresser, and there was an intercom. It was childish, it was calm. The whole place was all colorful and pastel in fact. I met with a couple of my friends in the hall, as for we were allow to socialize and participate in activities. Some of my friends were crying, some wanted to start a rebellion, some were thanking me for being a part of their lives and for being such a good friend while I could. I was none of these people. I didn't say anything, I felt like I was mute, like I had said enough in my life. However, in the days I was at the Harvest Camp, I noticed as I fell more into a depressions and panic so did my friends. I stood up, I started talking again. I came up to everyone and had a personal talk with them. I told them, no matter what their view was on the situation, to not panic or worry. And as if I had a trick up my sleeve, they believed me. Soon enough I seemed to come off as a leader. However I didn't lead them into anything but their inevitable fate. One day, the day, came. We were all gather in a playground, a big one, one that would see in a park or primary school. Some kids immediately started playing around like 6 year olds, trying to get whatever their childhood was left out before they were met with their end. Others walked or sat around, sulking as they waited patiently for their name to be called. Me, being the unofficial 'Leader', I was like neon light in pitch black. A man with blond slicked back hair and a trimmed beard dressed in a grey t-shirt and sweats called me over and smiled at me. He gave me a job, and that job was to try and distract my fellow students as they were guided to the chop shop. It was awful, and I almost didn't want to accept it, but a terrifying thought popped up in my head. What if I had to go first? I complied, watching as he started calling names. He would lead them towards the building and I would say things like,"Hey man, did you sleep good? My pillow was a little too soft." And shit like that. Just small talk, and it worked. There was this one Italian boy I knew, was called. He was a twin, and so instead of the guide taking him up to the Chop Shop, his brother held his hand and walked him to it until the officers cut him off since he was not allowed inside till it was his turn. Slowly I watched as each one of my friends were lead to their death, slowly as I took them knowing that I would be the last voice they'd hear. Knowing that I was the last bit of hope they were clinging onto for escape. And as soon as those doors closed behind them, their hope died, as well as their consciousness would soon after. Soon enough, there was no one. I was left all alone by myself. I heard the man pat me on the back,"Go play kid," as he gestured to the empty playground. I remember shifty slowly from the slide to the swings, from the swings to the monkey bars, to the monkey bars to the bench. It had to have been 45 minutes that went by that I was there, much longer than what the average person had to prep themselves to be 'reincarnated' into another being. I started having another panic attack when I approached the man who had been observing the whole time. I wanted to end it now, I wanted to end the dream and leave. I wanted to wake up in my blue bed at my house and be greeted by the sunlight leaking in from my blinds. And yet, I couldn't. I couldn't wake up, and I started crying. This was one of my first lucid dreams, and I knew that I had control of the situation. I knew if I got too excited I would scary myself awake, but I couldn't do it. The man ran up to me and calmed me down, and started thanking me and telling me how well I handled the job he had given me. After I calmed down, he told me to close my eyes, and soon he let go of me. I just breathed for a moment, in my mind ready to accept dying and ready to be unwound. After all, my friends had gone through the process, it shouldn't be that scary. And then I heard a click, And was soon greet with a gun in my face when I opened my eyes. Then the bang. And I awoke. No more nightmare, no more death, nothing. Though I must point out a few things now after analyzing my dream. I didn't live, I died. I did not go through the process of being unwound, I did not go through special surgery that would remove my soul and keep me alive. I died, and I was left in complete darkness. Second, I was shot with a gun. I can't help but think that this was because through my dream I continuously was met with a fear that I've had since the beginning of this dream. This whole time I was in a state of nervousness, panic, paranoia, and anxiety. Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed my nightmare. I certainly didn't, and I had to give my friend Jess a call just as a reality check. 😅. Anyways, Thank you for reading, I hope you have a lovely day~