Evil angel mom force

Date: 7/10/2019

By DreamDawg

So my sister was getting home late when I heard this voice outside. It was this dude my age heckling her at like 12 am and so I ushered my sister inside and went outside to face this dude. He was like a thin awkward teenager who for some reason was calling after my sister and so I confronted him and told him to get off my property. He obliged but started yelling at me from the other side of the driveway. I didn’t know what to do so I swung his stick at him and we had this mini-fight (like superhero action movie where I was running off walls to deliver a flying kick) before he left. I felt really bad because I didn’t really mean to fight with him but now I was scared he was going to press charges because that was like assault or battery. The next morning I got up and there was a big ruckus and it was my mom talking with this skinny blonde mom and some other moms arguing. I knew they were talking about me. Then I don’t remember exactly what happened but basically the skinny blonde mom was bad and trying to get the whole mom community (which all had wings like angels) to think I was a dangerous and bad child for randomly attacking this kid, which wasn’t all true. The thing was, the kid’s mom was on my side along with like five of her friends, because she knew what had really happened. So we kept trying to speak and tell the truth to the other moms but the main bad mom and her second in command we’re always around and never let us say anything by talking over us. There was a giant mom meeting in this heaven like place (the floor were clouds and it was like a white outlet mall where all the stores were for moms) and all the moms had their wings out and were sitting in chairs except for my mom defense (which might I add my mom wasn’t even participating because she wasn’t an angel for some reason) who were forced to stand or sit on the floor. So it was during this gathering that we tried speaking out against the bad moms and tell the real truth but we were mostly silenced. It was later that day that the mom of the dude i fought with started crying in the closet. I had biscuit and bacon, my friends two dogs with me, and sent them into the closet before joining them, hoping it would cheer the good mom up. I had also been meaning to apologize through her to her son because I felt bad bout what I had done. Before I could apologize she pulled out this card her son had filled out that said all the reasons why he had been so upset (one of those was because my sister had just come home from a decisive tennis match where his team had lost and he had felt really angry) and it also mentioned that he was feeling much better because he was now staying in Pensacola, FL. I thanked the mom and told her how sorry I was too. She let me know that she knew we were kids and didn’t really mean anything by it. Then she also told me that the bad mom had credibility in our story because she had been telling people that she had been giving me rides everyday to my job at the baseball stadium. I then laughed because the baseball stadium is so close to my house that I bike every single day. The bad mom then came out to where we were (we had moved outside at some point) and I asked her if she remembers the lyrics to this one song (“Maria” or “Gastonia” or something I’ve never heard of before) that we always listen to in the car on the way to my job. I meant it as a kind of “the jig is up” but the bad mom still pretended to play along but the rest of us knew she was lying. Then I think the good mom gang and I let the other moms know about the farce and the bad mom was put in chains (not really but you know).