being cheated on

Date: 5/9/2019

By rzw11

i don’t remember all of it but for some reason there was this other girl and all three of us (thomas, her, me) were hanging out and we took a tour around athens and just walked around but then it got late and we went back to my house and we all went in my room and then thomas and her asked if i could leave and go in my moms room so i do but it was so they could hook up???? idk i was so confused i just remember her walking out of my room and handing me a shit ton of condoms saying i could have some then went back into my room and i was so angry and frustrated and i kept doing things to get thomas’ attention and have him come out of the room and talk but they just ignored me and so i opened my door and started getting mad and then i turned into the bad guy!! i kicked her out but thomas was really mad at me about it but i was so confused because i wasn’t sure how i was the bad guy and we just fought and then i woke up