Unknown squad

Date: 7/6/2017

By Cassiopeia

Just had a dream about me being part of an unknown group of people I never seen/met before. It was a different type/dimension of the earth. More modern type. The year there is J100 and it involves me travelling from the past (year 2016 in my dreams. Idk but it's supposed to be 2017 right?) to the present(year J100 which in my dream, supposed to be year 2020/2021). Well my said 'purpose' there is to return the world's state from J100 to the supposed year 2020(Which is weird and it makes no sense at all). I am suppose to enter a university for me to achieve my mission (like I say, no sense). I had met my 'mom' which is a different mom I never seen before. She is one of the professors and we were automatically accepted in the university. This is so weird but I think all of the adults are professors in my dreams but mostly moms. Im asian and my group of friends there are foreign to me. I have met some of my 'friends' on the year 2016(still in my dream). And we met 4/5 years later (year J100. Yup, still in my dream). In the end, I wasnt able to complete my dream and I woke up.