from a friend

Date: 2/7/2017

By anell

So my friend and I were talking and she told me about this dream she had. She told me that when she got to school everyone was crying. So she started asking our classmates the reason why and they pointed to another classmate (who is my seatmate at this time) and she saw him dead. She also started crying, but she also asked people about the reason of his death. They said that it's because of an eye infection that he didn't treat because he was too lazy to do it and that his parents also said that it was nothing. I searched what it meant to have this kind of dream and it said that it's because she was afraid of something or afraid of losing someone. I guess that I'm gonna have to talk to her about it if she needs it. (Hi friend who told me this story. If you read this, I hope it's okay for you if i added it here)