Ex-boyfriend wanted me for a sec

Date: 8/3/2017

By bbdad

So I recently split with my boyfriend of a year, and it's been hard. What has been MUCH harder are the dreams that take place after... We were sitting in a car, taking in SF sights, and he was cuddling me like old times. I asked why he left me and he stopped talking or touching me completely. Then we went to a chocolate shop where I was feeling so insecure about us (like in real life lol) that I was afraid to say anything just in case it would set him off. He left and I was completely alone. Cut to me going to school in Berkeley now, with my best friend. She told me not to worry about him because we'll find each other again (if only, but not true at all). Cut to my dorm room, he and I started to cuddle again and do some -sexy- stuff. But when it came to me pleasing him, he told me to stop (just like in real life). I was hurt, hoping the same things wouldn't take place as in real life. Before I could say a word, he left. My heart still hurts, obviously.