Viking dinner and fetus :D

Date: 4/7/2017

By dixsilence

I went to a ceremony near an old Viking church. It was a big place like an old castle full of labyrinths, small alleys and moss. The main plaza was crowded with people going everywhere, where I was you could see a Viking church (wich was the one from the birds from the game age of mythology) and a gigantic tower 100 floors tall. All very rustic, full of spikes and stone. So I went to the main dinner, at the table were many people I knew in my life. I noticed that everyone was kind of ignoring me so I went sad. At a moment a girl friend of a friend talked to me and handled me her son. It was a freaking fetus barely 8cm tall, slimy and fragile. I took it very careful and freaked out because I could break it. It even got stuck at the tablecloth and its head was twisting horribly but survived anyway. After I gave her back the thing I went upstairs to get my free beer but the bartender said they don't have the one I want so I was disappointed. Then we finally had to leave I was waiting the our cat to pick me up. I waited like 15 minutes and already thought they left me behind so I went inside the hall again to find a friend, she told me they were waiting for me at the other square but nobody told me so I was the asshole. At that point I was sad already. Finally I was at a room with an old elementary school friend, he didn't want to lift his head to see me. After asking why he just pushed me almost punching me I. the face and saying he hated me. We fought and tried to strangle each other until we stopped and left. What the fuck did I just dreamed. 😿