An odd dream (Violence Warning)

Date: 8/4/2017

By Densunes

Me and my best friend were playing a mini game, it was like invisible tag. You can put down obstacles and instead of playing my friend made a beautiful picnic area. We decided to just decorate. I fell into a pool trying to get a pool seat up when Obama came in and talked trash about my decorating skills. I started right before he came in. I left in a fit, Obama had tea with my friend. Suddenly I randomly became a guy. I went into a murderous rage, I couldn't remember most of them. One retired solider was a head in a jar like in Futureama, and I poured lighter fluid in the jar and lit it on fire calling out "Dinner's ready". I then ran out into the forest while riding on the back of Crash Bandicoot, came back out later as a girl. When I became a girl I became the girl a cop was dating, one of those movie guys who hunt down people who hurt his family. He went into the forest while I stayed home and struck again. This time running back to the mini game where my friend still was. We befriended a 1700's ghost couple, and then I woke up