my last dream i remember

Date: 3/18/2019

By annamxriex

so me, my best friend, my ex, and his best friend we were all hanging out. i don’t really remember how we were hanging out but we were in my best friends room. anyway, we were just chilling and talking and then we were all talking and somehow it came up and i said “no one loves me so” and then my ex was like “anna” and i looked him straight in the eyes and he did too, and immediately i felt like crying because i missed looking him straight in the eyes like that. instead he grabbed my face and kissed me. i got chills everywhere. he said “i love you princess. i’m sorry for breaking us up, i just needed a break. i miss you. be my girlfriend again?” and i said yes because i loved him and i still do love him. i then woke up because of my alarm and i just sat there and cried, because i know, he’s never going to ask me out again even if he said it was “just a break” it’s been almost a month and now he doesn’t even trust me when i tell him the truth :/ i love him with all my heart and he won’t ever look at me the same.