Purple Guy?

Date: 7/21/2017

By Nyxxian

Rarely, a dream of mine would have any relation to my days events, but this one did. Though it may sound stupid, it was about that FNAF fan game, TJOC, or The Joy of Creation. It looked like a normal video at first, Markiplier getting jumpscared, but the video was through my eyes, like I was the character but I could see Mark's face cam. I say this, because I think I was the one walking around or doing the actions, but all I can really remember is Freddy jumpscaring him. Then came the 'secret character'. I don't know who said the name, or if it was my own mental comment, but Mark wasn't happy about seeing another character, but he got confused when he saw it was purple guy in this weird menu. And I was even more confused when it wasn't even him. The best I can say to describe them is the redhead merchant from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, but like a baby sort of chibi, like two round balls with those pixelated hands and feet. I said 'them' because there were two, looking exactly the same. The house was odd, pixelated yet detailed like Mirror Layers, except for the doorways. They were like flattened images of whatever was beyond them. One led upstairs, and maybe three others to different rooms. As I'm describing this, I'm beginning to forget what was happening. They got me pretty quickly, Mark's reactions to these characters slowly became mine as they drew nearer from downstairs. Then they jumpscared me. Oddly, one was either keeping me in place or acting as a stool for the other to stand taller, but PG #1 (purple guy number 1) threw a knife at my char, which flew a bit to the side, but glitches out and flew blade first to me, at the time I either didn't pay attention or out reactions were the exact same, but I heard no comment from Mark. By the sudden cry of pain or surprise in the character's voice just as the knife hit their throat, it was evident that the person I was, whoever's eyes I was seeing through, was a man. And with that death Mark and I came to the conclusion we couldn't just sit down upstairs. We had to run. To sum things up, there was a lot of dodging and running, a fee deaths but they seemed to only show for a second, then skipped out back to play the game. At first I was going to say that I was controlling the character, he was moving on his own by my mind's choices, but Mark was reacting and acting perfectly as if he was controlling him. So I can't be too sure. The actions were both mine and not mine. Eventually I woke up, shivering from the cold and the fear my mind injected into me, even though I wasn't that scared of them in real life.