Various Dream Plots Unique and Unsusal

Date: 7/5/2017

By Fitful

I found myself at home, (not a home I recognize but I did know it in the dream) and it was very dark. I hadn't been here in a while, I hadn't seen him. Grandpa lay on the bed, there was a sense of time passing, and i saw him go about several days but I only saw him climbing in and out of bed. He was very weak. Sickly, his breathing rattled in his sleep. "Grandpa?" I called when I got closer, I could feel myself standing on the floor there, and I seem solid, where he seemed ghostly. Or maybe it was the reverse. I was the ghost, I didn't see reality right and now I finally was. "Grandpa?" I asked again, really worried. I knew he was sick. "Lucy?" He called, in a voice I thought I would remember, very distinctive. I realized I didn't know a Lucy, maybe this wasn't my grandfather, maybe it was and he was mindless with illness. "Lucy?" he called again, and I almost corrected him, corrected my name but instead I just said "I'm here." a breath. I wanted to tell him who I was, reassure, remind him. But perhaps I had the wrong person, and it wasn't even him. I didn't want to confuse him. So I said nothing more. ~ There was a baby, a girl, with her heart in a tank. She was being kept alive through machines, she was my sister. I was her brother I think. We were traveling, had a man who was taking us to safety. There was a nurse, a pretty black lady, and she kept the baby safe when the ambulance was attacked. It almost exploded but she shielded the baby with her body. The baby's heart was in a large clear liquid, it had desolved, which as good. It was being filtered? Or put through some intense process which was necessary it might have been also in a red liquid, or part of it was. ~ There was a lottery ticket, a bunch of them. The man was showing me how easy it was to play the lottery. He said you just scratch these, and if you get the image with the blue present you can pick up anything you'd won prior. Different colored presents did different things. I realized how easy it was to play the lottery and i thanked him for teaching me. I decided I might actually give it a go sometime. Now that I felt comfortable knowing what I was doing. ~ I was siting at a dinner, or some other public eatery, and a female who had stuck up a conversation was beside me to my right. She was going on and on a out finances and buy a place and not having enough money, then I mentioned I had some money, and she was begging me to buy a house with her. Move in with her. She as a complete stranger, and a bit annoying, and I quickly realized her idea of "some" money and mind differed a lot. She was of a more elite mindset, but also money grabbing and fallen on more difficult times then she was used to. She had much more money than me, and wanted to have more. I barely had any and while I did want more it didn't seem likely and that was okay with me. I got by. I spent the rest of our interaction trying to convince her I really didn't have much money. She didn't believe me and I was too embarrassed to quite figures. ~ I was baking a puppy in the microwave and it seem a perfectly natural occurrence. I kept putting it in for 30 seconds or less and pulling it out, I needed to keep it warm. Everything I did this it's eyes opened more and more, it seemed more and more alive. It kept me happy to see I was saving it. I felt a little weird about the microwave, several times I questioned why I was doing it. Sometimes I thought I should put the towel in there and wrap it in the towel instead. But it worked, finally, the puppy was done. I suddenly opened its eyes fully, grew suddenly, and i was painting its face brown. Then the rest of it. Finally it was a full grown adult basset hound. ~ The man I lived with, and the kids, my sibling? Were all full of opinions about it. My mother, some shrill diva in pink, made a fuss. There was burnt cigarettes on the carpet and broken razor blades, and the man finally threw her out. I don't think she was my real mother, because he tossed her out and we got to stay. He didn't intend to keep us, it just happened. ~ I was probably a really old person, this was a meeting on couches in the middle of white endlessness. There were a lot of old people here. We soon realized, it was a dating for old people place. Kinda like speed dating. Whomever was across from you on the couch was your date. The old guy flirted with a blonde older lady, and she didn't like him much. ~ There was a man living with demons, they might have been his children. Or he was a demon and was in hiding. The people in the know were planning to inject him with demon hating serum. To keep him prejudice. The man looked like Cole from Charmed ~ I was friends with a dinosaur, some long necked plant eater. It was tiny, like a large dog size. I kept petting it in my bedroom, I even petted it's teeth. It was very personable. Then it shrunk and ran about on the ceiling. Whomever was with me said to let it be, it wasnt in reality anymore and would come back on its own. I kept think about why it was on the ceiling. It seemed perfectly logical a thing to me in the dream, but I still wondered. ~ There was a girl, she and I were good friends, maybe we were dating. Then every one in the band began hating me. She came back a round but only wanted to be friends with me in secret. She had a plastic house, which looked like several houses stacked on top of each other. It had a handle and opened to reveal a tall empty box like thing. She and I talked about building a real house inside and going on the road. I was really upset with her when I woke up, for keeping me a secret and not being a real friend.