package holiday

Date: 1/17/2017

By I dream of Harding

​I was barbering and Jean came in for a haircut. A school boy also came in and she arranged for him to have some of her time. This meant I had to rush and cut my finger. Open Barbers organised a weekend fundraiser where they got everyone to line up and donated £100. They got £1,590 I signed up for a package holiday we had bracelets put on us that glowed green if a romantic match was present, though they were programmed to only glow green for one other bracelet. John DL was staying at Jade Goodies house with Kairos. He was sat in bed all day and developed an allergic reaction to something, some kind of bedsore. His body burnt as though he had sat in uncured cement. At the hospital they lowered him into a bath of gel and told him he would need assistance using the toilet for a while. John turned into Brendan, who was telling me about how he'd managed to pay for this treatment by shoving dead pigeon into a furnace. I took a walk in the town surrounding the hospital. It was a place that had suddenly got massive wealth, but each building had responded differently to these riches. One place assumed that residents would be wealthy forever, and so organised an expensive firework display for each night. There were people dying in the streets and highly developed crime to this beautiful backdrop. I took a bus out of town. It turned into a suburban street. Small kids on bicycles taunted the bus riding and weaving around it. These boys grew older and their bikes became motorbikes. They raced over bumpy bridges, flying like dolphins over tarmac. My bracelet turned green when an old man got on the bus. He was excited to have foud me and told someone who wasn't there.   ​