Mental Breakdown

Date: 8/27/2017

By idreamalot

26/8/17 It was the middle of the night, and it was pouring rain. Immediately I know the dream is vivid, as I can feel the beads of icy water on my face and body, and smell the smell when wet hair is dangling either side of your face. The dream is in colour but the lighting is bleak and dim. I was running on the country road that, if followed, brings me to my home but I was running in the direction leading away. I'm not moving particularly fast but I feel under pressure. I was barefoot and in a hospital gown, unable to speak. There was a girl about 20 meters ahead of me, she was young and dressed casually. I don't know who she was but she knows who I am. She was yelling something I couldn't understand. It sounds as if I'm underwater and she's on the surface. I can tell it's English though. I trip and fall into a pothole filled with rainwater and bring my knees up to my chest, into the fetal position. I start crying hysterically. The girl runs to where I am on the ground and stoops to my level, she's asking me for a phone number but I'm incoherent.