Lucid dream in non lucid dream

Date: 7/14/2019

By TyrantDJMento

I had a dream where I was in my room, I fell asleep and had a lucid dream but woke up (back to my dream). In the lucid dream in my dream I saw my room, but one of my eyes was closed and I couldn’t turn my head easily to look at the rest of my room. In my dream after I woke up from the lucid dream, I fell asleep again and went into a lucid dream where the same thing happened. I kept waking up (in the dream still) and falling asleep and going into that lucid dream. Eventually I dreamed about some other thing, then I woke up for real. I didn’t realize that my lucid dreams were actually part of a dream where I wasn’t lucid until after I woke up in my room for real. That was probably really confusing. Just want to know if anyone else has experienced something similar.