lesbian ex, meeting an author, quiet parade

Date: 2/13/2017

By seascarlet

1: A girl I dated briefly in high school and pined for after that was in this dream. In the 10 years I hadn't seen her she had become a famous mathmatician, who would participate in live competitions with other famous math geniuses. She made national news when she got really wasted before a live contest and the score was like 250 to 0. I watched her embarrassing ordeal online, in which she was stumbling all over the stage and saying very inappropriate things to her opponent. The video was already getting more famous than she was. A day after I saw this she randomly came to visit me. I tried to figure out why she had sabotaged herself without letting her know I'd seen the news. She left without ever bringing it up, and I was sad because I hadn't seen her in years and knew I wouldn't see her for many more. In real life she's a probation officer I think, and married with kids. I haven't even really thought of her much in a long time. 2: A favorite author of mine had a big closet as the entryway for his house, and had generously turned it into a library of his full works for his fans. He stayed an old man, but his identity kept changing. Noam Chomsky, Dominique Dunne, Kurt Vonnegut... I visited and he was in the little library with us while I crawled around looking for another copy of his first book, which I'd borrowed and lost. It seemed I had borrowed his only copy. I felt guilty and giddily starstruck at the same time. I only remember the first line of the book. "That night was so amazing I couldn't finish it." 3: I lived in some small town that held a parade each year in February, celebrating love and childlike innocence. It was tiny the first year, and wasn't growing much each year. As I was watching it come towards me I commented to someone that it was so small and quiet, and maybe a marching band would help in addition to the children singing. Then I thought that a marching band would probably be too loud for this parade. February is a short, quiet month I thought, so maybe a small and quiet parade makes sense.