A Night of Partying, Police and Alarms

Date: 8/23/2017

By lucid14

I was walking down the street when a man approached me. This street was very city like, maybe in Boston but with that certain aura a normally busy part of the city has when it is completely dead and without signs of life. The man that came up to me was somewhat sketchy looking, bigger, round and with a grayish T-shirt but hard to see because it was dark and very late at night. Probably past midnight. He had a nice voice though and asked me for a favor of some kind. It was small so I said yes to whatever it was. Then he said that he needed a visa card because he couldn’t get his map to work. He gestured to an ATM that was close by up the street. I told him I would go look at it. I was expecting to look for a fake card reader and prepping myself for how I would find it and get away. I noticed a car following me on the street very close by. As in practically on the curb directly next to me and the man as we were walking towards the ATM. I asked the man if he knew who was in the car. The man said something like “why are you being that obvious?” The car cut me off in front of me and pulled onto the sidewalk, we were just about at the ATM and the man picked me up and just started running with me. I yelled “I’m being kidnaped and my name is Jacob Martin, call 911!” Eventually someone in the crowd did call 911. We ended up in this run down building and the man who was kidnapping me ended up lighting himself on fire and had pretty bad burn wounds. The police arrived and I was planning on not saying anything and waiting for a lawyer because it didn’t look good for me. A woman who was a police officer and was very motherly, sexy and kind looking let me go because she could tell I didn’t do anything. She was wearing a blue dress, but no police uniform. I might have started crying into her arms at one point because she was being so nice and I really liked her. She left pretty abruptly and I knew I would never see her again. After, I was free and still wanted to keep adventuring in the night. I heard loud music and lots of partying coming from an apartment building and I walked over to it. It was probably on a college campus or something because there were a lot of different parties going on and everyone seemed to be of college age. The outside was brown and I could see lights through the window. It stood alone in the dark night with a long front yard of grass in front of it. I walked in through the open door and saw this landing area with stairs that let me see different rooms with different parties. I wanted to find the room where the music was coming from and finally did. This room looked similar to a stage in the back of a restaurant because it was very long and filled with many people. The stage was in the very back and on the opposite side from me. It didn’t look like an apartment at all. There was a frat guy kind of dude who started out playing some pretty cool music that was singing, guitar, saxophone and piano even though he was only holding a saxophone and sitting at the piano. I wanted to run up and start playing the piano but he was already doing it so the song didn’t need any. After singing for a while he started throwing a bunch of balls into the crowd. There were blow up balls, footballs, frisbees Etc. I saw one hit a lady in the face who wasn’t paying attention and texting on her phone. Eventually one of the blow up balls came my way and I grabbed it and tried to hit it back only to have it fall pretty short. I decided I didn’t want to be there anymore and walked out. I saw this guy that must have lived there and was annoyed with all the people. He was pretty scratchy looking, might have had acne all over his face, overweight and a dirty grey T-shirt on. It seemed like he spent a lot of time in that landing area of the front of the apartment watching over people party. He was giving me shit because I thought i was “so cool” to be at that party. I might have pushed him down the stairs lightly because he was trying to come on to me and then I saw that he had a joint in his hand. I asked him who rolled it and then I said it was rolled well, because it was. He looked at the joint kind of happy I complimented it. I walked out of the apartment building. Just outside of the apartment building, I was walking around the grassy area. I saw a DQ food truck down this grass hill and thought it would be sweet if it were open even though I knew pretty weIl it wouldn’t be. It was still past midnight after all. I approached it from behind and as I passed I yelled something like “Can I have a blizzard?” After not hearing a response I assumed it was closed. I moved on to find something else. I walked into a place that wasn’t locked but was still clearly closed. The lights were off but there was still a decent amount of light because it was morning at this point and the sun’s light was coming in through these big glass windows. Maybe it was about to open. It was a mall with different shops, very high ceilings and things hanging high up like balloons and decorations. There was a DQ and maybe an M and M store. There were also nice cars and a staircase. Everything was mostly white colored with that morning feeling mixed with the “empty place that is usually packed” feeling. I was exploring the different rooms for a while but after walking into this one room in the middle of it a loud alarm went off. Red flashes everywhere, and on all of the shops and walls of the place. I tried to find an exit as fast as I could and also tried to exit without running so I didn’t look suspicious. After leaving the building and seeing the now awake city in the background, a security guard approached me. The man was tall and had kind of a mustache. His neck was pretty long and it reminded me of a Dr. Seuss character teaching me an important lesson at the end of the book. The security guard didn’t seem upset and was very casual about the alarm setting off which made me relax. He told me a robot automatically cals 911 and tells them the location of the place. He also lectured me about how he doesn’t mind if people are in the building and it isn’t a big deal as long as they know most of the laws and their rights. I said they should teach that stuff in school and I think he agreed. He also said you can learn a lot from geometry. He told me the simplest things are what are important and its like a leek sandwich at Brookstone, you can get it with everything on it or you can simplify it. He showed me one wth everything on it and he gave me the simple one to try. It was ok. I didn’t get a very good bite of it.